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Draw No. 3017 | 16/10/2021

1st Prize 491477
2nd Prize 022168
3rd Prize 791482
Special Prize Consolation Prize
  • 232653
  • 629317
  • 457594
  • 307523
  • 493541
  • 865131
  • 493325
  • 161821
  • 351013
  • 353607
  • 884497
  • 547989
  • 496579
  • 715816
  • 251612
  • 300840
  • 594293
  • 242990
  • 861352
  • 987149


Tour Description

Join me on this walking tour of Valletta which is the ideal way to see the main city highlights.

During this tour I will tell you all about the Knights who built the city during the 16th century to further fortify the harbour. We will see the beautiful palazzos which line the main streets and the pretty piazzas and you will also learn about the local people going about their everyday lives, their churches and festivities.

Tour Highlights:
I will meet you in front of St. James`s Cavalier, located opposite Auberge de Castille in Castille Place.

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